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Adventure Activities

Bird Watching Tour
Bird watching is one of the most popular outdoor activities among all type of tourists, especially the people who loves are deeply in love with nature and wildlife. Eastern Himalayas including Northeast India, Nepal and Bhutan is an immeasurable territory for tourist interests. The varieties of height, assorted qualities of territory, and compelling precipitation are variables which are in charge of the differing qualities and plenitude of occupant birds in this region.

To get the opportunity to witness the Black-necked Crane, White-gave a false representation of Heron, Snowy-throated Babbler, Bugun Liochicla, Bengal Florican, Dark-rumped Swifts, White-winged Wood Duck, Beautiful Nuthatch, Rufous-necked, and Brown Hornbills, Black-necked crane, Tragopans, Blood Pheasants, Monal, Ibisbill, Purple cochoa, Blue-naped Pitta, Vivid Niltava, Long-charged plover, Wards Trogon, Grandala, Fire-followed Myzornis and Black-headed Shrike-babbler, 13 Wren Babblers and the center point for Babblers to give some examples â travel towards the Eastern Himalayas hills, foothills and floodplains.

Going here is not any more costly because of government sovereignties, yet with limitations being step by step lifted, it is currently conceivable get licenses to appreciate birding in these parts. We, at Mountain Adventures Tours & Travels are working on visiting the best locales in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan.

Among all the area exercises hiking or trekking is the most frequenting outside game for the general population who feel tremendously pulled in by mountain, slope, wilderness and so forth. It is generally known as exploring in the games world. It is called so in light of the fact that the trekkers convey all the fundamental types of gear like nourishment, cooking things, water, bedding, tent, and garments in a knapsack while voyaging. Without a doubt, it is for the most part supported by the enterprise mongers for investigating new destinations ashore and experiences the craftsmanship of nature.

Hiking is of different sorts relying upon landforms picked and can cover from short of what one day to one month or more. With all the critical things you need complete information about the spot or the atmosphere there. Your nerves ought to that much solid to be unfaltering in any sudden condition. As it is not simply like a smooth touring visit you can be in any sort of circumstance at whatever time.

Mountain Adventures Tours and Travels is there to help you each way with the goal that you don't need to confront any sort of issue while hiking in Darjeeling, Dooars, Nepal, Bhutan, Northeast India or other places. With our course of action you are going to have fantastic experience of wilderness on your outing with master guidance. You will get legitimate direction on that and you will be educated about and furnished with all the required types of gear.

River Rafting
White water rafting or river rafting is a standout amongst the most brave water sports, favoured by the vast majority of the audacious individuals all through the globe. An inflatable pontoon is utilized to explore a stream or other waterway. Raft is lightweight, especially stable for water-ride and conveys low focus of mass. Obviously, it is a standout amongst the most lethal games and loaded with dangers. You need that much bravery and should be physically fit for this game as it's in no way like riding a typical vessel.

You can watch contrast in rafting classifications as indicated by levels, water body and so forth. There are numerous methods and traps to ride a raft legitimately. A few trouble levels relying upon the flow of the stream, the waterfalls, the concealing rocks and so on debilitate even the thrill seeker riders as well. In the event that you need to pass those trouble levels you need legitimate preparing on taking care of the watercraft or comprehension the game. On the other hand you should be with a specialist while skimming on the quick stream of the water.

Mountain Adventures Tours & Travels is putting forth best course of action with exceptionally gifted specialists so you can have a sheltered and exciting ride on a raft in the rapidly flowing water of mountain rivers. While you are going for an experience our worry is to have pre-alert from peril for your wellbeing.

Without a doubt paragliding is a standout amongst the most perilous flight sports among all. Taking off noticeable all around high in the sky simply utilizing a paraglide flying machine feels to be like a winged creature. The lightweight plane is entirely lightweight and propelled by foot. It would seem that a parachute like fabric-wing. The best some portion of interest is that it does exclude any engine, it's simply the mechanical planning of the paraglide and the air that can help you cover miles in the sky.

The starting is done from a high land or slope top by running quick towards the precipice with the paraglide which is then determined by the wind. An incomprehensible field or prairie is utilized as an arrival ground. You body will be fixing with tackle to the paraglide. There are loads of systems that you have to think about paragliding else this exciting and astounding game can take savage turn. On the other hand you can have help of a couple flights where you will be joined by a specialist pilot. Your substantial wellness is particularly imperative as well.

Flying over the snowy mountain peaks, deep green forests, rivers, valleys, towns, villages, agricultural fields, tea-gardens etc is an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, this inclination can be expanded with the assistance of Mountain Adventures Tours & Travels. We will mastermind the best flying knowledge for you that you can't ever overlook.

Mountain Biking
Do you like being somewhat go off-beat for quite a while and carry on with the life to its fullest rendition? You better ought to attempt a gutsy open air sport like mountain biking. In this game you simply need to ride a bike. However, the intriguing thing is that the way won't resemble the standard way you take for cycling. Riders take the all the rough terrain places like slopes, rough landscapes and other uncomfortable harsh streets instead of smooth bond streets. Obviously, you should be fit for this and must know every one of the strategies and traps to ride in the chose land.

The principal thing you will requirement for this is an appropriate bike. The bikes are practically similar to customary game bicycles however extra components are added to perform well. One thing must be said that these mountain bicycles are diverse as indicated by structure and execution. Moreover, you have to keep extra types of gear in light of the way you have picked and the span your riding will take. You should take water, nourishment âall the significant things just and above all a head protector.

On the off chance that you are getting ready for such enterprise, come and contact with us in Mountain Adventures Tours & Travels and get master recommendation and complete help about your outing on bicycle in the Eastern Himalayan region. You don't have to stress over all the riotous pre-arranging and calendars as we will sort out everything for you to finish your delight protected and sound.

Listed here are some of the exclusive tour packages that we have customized for our valuable clients. Just glance through these packages, and plan your trip with us for a memorable touring experience.

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